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RT 23

9000 1003

Price: Rs. 10530

The RT built-in flash system provides a maximum flash output of 250W with a
minimum of 125W using a radio trigger that is conveniently built right in.
It features an F-stop of one meter with 21 cm. The 55 degree metal reflector
contains silver reflective. With its lightweight design, this flash system
weighs only two kg.

Built In Radio Trigger, Flash output (w/s) Max.- 250w, Flash output (w/s) Min.- 125w, Half n Full-Yes, *F.Stop 1meter with 21cm. 55 degree metal ref. with silver reflective- 45 1/3, Recycling Time-0.3 Sec, Modelling Lamp-100w, Flash Duration- 1/2500 Sec., Twin-Tech-(Double Sensor) Yes, Body-Metal, Weight- 2 Kg.,

(Light stand, Softbox 60x60 Pro, with carry bag, Safety cap, Main cable, Syncro cable, warranty card, box)